Aricatt  family members dwell not only at Aloor and its vicinity but also in the nook and corner of the different parts of the world.  Although attempts were made on 11th October 1992 to bring together at least a few members from these scattered families, an official inauguration of the family Trust was possible only on 16th May 1993 at the residence  of the late founder president Mr.A.T.George and decided its official name as ARICATT KUDUMBAYOGAM,ALOOR. 

The kumbayogam (Family Trust) is divided into seven zones, taking its centre as St.Joseph’s Church, Aloor.  Aloor is divided into five zones and other Karoor  and seventh Nandipulam zone. In order to guide  this family unity in its social, cultural and welfare activities, office bearers like president, secretary, joint secretary and treasurer are elected. They are assisted by the elected office bearers from  the above said seven zones.  All the decisive matters regarding the activities of the trust are entrusted on this 30 member Central Executive Committee.  They take charge for a period of two years.  They are elected in the presence of priests from our families and the elected members from different zones.
Executive members take charge in the investiture ceremony of the General Body meeting of the Trust.  Each zone works under a 15 member committee headed by the zonal president.  Each member of the family belongs to any one of the seven zones depending upon their residential area. For the better efficiency and smooth  running of the activities of the Trust, a Bye-Law is in place.  Meetings are held every month in the office situated at Aloor junction.

A family welfare fund is launched for the financial security of the Trust.  Needy among the family members get help from the poor fund constituted for this purpose.  In the field of education, meritorious students are given cash awards and trophies every year in a special meeting named MERRIT EVENING held at zonal level.  Expenditure for this purpose is met from the endowments instituted by the good hearted family members.
A family Directory has been published  and it shows the extent of spread of our family tree branches into the whole world.  This mammoth effort of tracing this family tree branches and roots was materialized by the selfless, service minded  endeavour of the dedicated family members.
People among us who reach the higher rung of the ladder in the social, political, cultural, spiritual fields and newly ordained priests, nuns, missionaries and jubilarians are revered in different functions held during different occasions.  The eldest among the whole family members is also given due respect in the General Body Meeting.  We meet together and exchange greetings during the special occasions like X’mas, Onam and New Year.
General Body Meeting is conducted once in two years.  Talents of our children are staged in the variety entertainments which run for hours followed by a ‘snehavirunnu’ (sharing food).
More and varied activities are envisaged and it will take shape under the able leadership of the forth coming central committee under the leadership of president.
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