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Aricatt – Arikkat family takes pride in being the direct decedents from  the first forefathers of baptized  into Christianity by St.Thomas, the Apostle.  After the establishment  of the church at Kottakavu  near North Paravoor in Ernakulam District, the members of Alangattu Areekal clan migrated and settled at Manikyamangalam, along the banks of river Periyar at the Malayatoor foothills.  Even while toiling in the hardships of life and fighting against the inclement nature, they kept their Christian faith and passed it over to their posterity.
Pyloth Ittiachan and his four sons, Ittiachan, Vareed, Anthony and Pyloth, were the first link in their lineage.  They migrated from Manikyamangalam in the year 1686 to the banks of River Chalakudy and later spread all over Aloor.
God kept His promise; as He did to our Forefather Abraham.  They multiplied like the stars in the sky and the sands in the beach.  But, owing to their journey in search of greener pastures for trade and agriculture and local and regional influences, the clan itself got diversified and the surname changed from Areekal to Areekattu ,  Areekkaden etc.
Since 1686 Aricatt – Arikkat fraternity has branched and re branched into the whole world.  As of now about 600 families have been traced to be belonging to this pedigree including ten priest alive and nearly ninety nuns and several missionaries.

Hopefully, this platform will unite all the Arikkadens together under a single umbrella – ARICATT KUDUMBAYOGAM – because “INTIMACY IS THE CHORD OF HARMONY”.


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